10 Social-Media Trends to Prepare for in 2018
Copy Writer at Amura Marketing Technologies
Published on October 05, 2017 in Social media • Source: Entrepreneur India

Key Takeaways from this article

Instagram Stories are set to take over Snapchat significantly next year as the number of subscribers grow in number each day.
Traditional strategies will pave the way for Influencer Marketing strategies as they saw a tremendous response in 2017.
Generation - Z will be a target group for most brands more so than the millennials since they will be entering the job market soon. Moreover, the social media strategies will change accordingly too.
Voice assistants, chatbots and artificial intelligence is set to make the messaging experience more personalised.
Twitter was unable to grow its followers at a rapid pace compared to other social media platforms hence they will be the ones rethinking their social media strategies for the year 2018.