How Chatbots Talk Up IoT Measures in Analytics
Industry Engagement Manager/Branding at Amura Marketing Technologies
Published on January 09, 2017 in Technology • Source: DM News

Key Takeaways from this article

Bots are autonomous programs that enhance human-computer user experience on a given network. For the lay marketer, bots help customers control their experience with a digital product and ultimately a brand.
Bots reflect the popularity of instant message platforms, a derivative of social media. Instant Messaging (IM) platforms include Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, and Telegram.
An app economy has plateaued for developers and marketers alike. Despite the avalanche of apps introduced, few developers profit through apps offered on Google Play or the Apple app store.
Current analytics suites can monitor the platforms on which people use bots, but only with clever forethought. Media shared on a Facebook Messenger or Slack presence could be tracked with URL tags just like links for a paid search, social media, or an email campaign.