Simple Ways To Get More Traffic From Your Existing Content
Copywriter at Amura Marketing Technologies
Published on March 22, 2017 in Marketing

As a content marketer you’d know how essential it is to have a constant flow of visitors. More traffic indicates more exposure of your content which further translates into greater revenue, so naturally you would have your sights set firmly on the traffic stats.

Let’s be honest, creating fresh, new content on a regular basis can be tedious. So, besides writing good content, it is imperative to leverage current content. Here are a few simple ways to get more traffic from what already exists:

  1. Repurpose content

    You can take a blog and convert it into a video, a podcast, report, Powerpoint presentation, webinar and so much more. This way your content gets distributed on various platforms, reaching a wider audience. Not just blogs, you may repurpose videos and audio podcasts as well.
    Just make sure the content is still relevant – stick to tutorials and tips that people will keep searching for. Stay away from repurposing news and updates.
  2. Start a forum
    A forum gets people to actively participate. It increases the time spent on your site. What’s more, forums can even rank for long tail keyword searches.
  3. Calls to action
    Creating great videos is just one step. You must communicate to your viewer what needs to be done or what action you want them to take, else all the hard work is futile. Tell them in one simple sentence why they should visit your website and what to look for once there. It is a paid feature but very beneficial.
  4. Add rich snippets
    Rich snippets allow search engines to understand what information each web page carries. It also allows users the luxury of as much information as possible before they make the decision visit a website.

    So, how does it help you? It makes your webpage stand out from other similar search results.
  5. Guest blogging
    Blogging for high authority websites that are relevant to your genre of work, is of tremendous importance even today (contrary to what many may believe). Contribute quality material which helps build your creditworthiness.

    Allowing guest posting on your own website opens up avenues and invites more traffic as well.There’s so much more to increasing traffic for existing content than what we’ve managed to cover. The list is exhaustive and entails several offline method too.

    The next time you’re devising a content marketing strategy, remember how current content serves you just as well – plus, it’s easier!