Ready to Grow Your Business in 2017? 5 Growth Hacking Tips
Senior Copy Writer at Amura Marketing Technologies
Published on November 23, 2016 in Business • Source: Salesforce

Key Takeaways from this article

Every small and midsized company needs a good marketing department to reach out to more people or customers. One important technique used by many marketers is ‘Growth Hacking’. Facebook used it quite effectively and grew into a colossal social media platform.
Ryan Holiday, is an expert growth hacker who has advised industry titans like Google, TASER and Complex. He’s also the founder of Brass Check and served as a director of marketing for American Apparel. He’s stated 5 growth hack tips that businesses can use in 2017.
They are:• Favor product and audience knowledge over traditional marketing skills.• Focus first on acquiring customers. Then make the product addictive.• Be like Facebook: Evolve.• Avoid the divisions between product and marketing that stall growth.• Don't do it all. Do one thing well.