5 ways Marketing Automation will help you run more effective campaigns
Jr. Copywriter at Amura Marketing Technologies
Published on February 24, 2017 in Marketing

Since times unknown, every innovation has been about taking mankind a step closer to an easier life. In modern times, we have become fans of gadgets that function automatically – eliminating the role of human resources and thus, human errors. This trend of automation also recently reached the marketing industry, sweeping it off its feet.

Let’s understand how we can run better campaigns with the help of marketing automation–

1. Efficient use of resources 

Marketing automation allows you to achieve both qualitative and quantitative growth. According to recent stats published in CMO, it has the capacity to automate 45% of the paid activities performed by human resources. In fact, most occupations can automate 30% or more of their activities which means the resources will be used more efficiently, cutting down the time required for mundane tasks.

2. Save time, increase productivity 

Automation cuts down the time required for mundane yet mandatory tasks and reduces human errors and rework. The time saved is utilised in other activities which result in better efficiency. Ultimately, this allows you to scale better vertically – increase your output and your bottom line without increasing your resources.

3. Streamline your process 

Your marketing process will undergo a drastic change once you adopt marketing automation. Your team will have more time to collect data, make content strategies and prepare customised communication to more effectively generate leads. Automation enables you to schedule your daily activities, perform tasks without the need for human intervention, provide insights and results in real time and even learn from past data to form predictive analytics to optimise your marketing campaigns.

4. Auto-generate reports 

Automation platforms auto-generate reports and insights on an easy-to-use dashboard – the really good ones will even do so in real time, so you can optimise your spends without spending additional money in the campaign. As an added bonus, your resources will be able to spend more time building strategies and focus on customer interactions rather than creating reports and analyses.

5. Build customer profiles 

Marketing automation helps you build more useful and detailed customer profiles. Automated solutions gather information based on the recent purchases, email opens and responses, selected preferences and much more. As this database is stored for future use, it enables you to reach the right target group effectively in your campaigns.