This Mobile Ultrasound Startup Is Reshaping A $6 Billion Healthcare Market
Published on December 27, 2016 in Technology • Source: Forbes

Key Takeaways from this article

Ultrasounds are synonymous with pregnancy tests. However, what the layman doesn't know is that pregnancy tests account for only 20% of ultrasounds' utility in the healthcare industry.
A diagnostic ultrasound is used in a plethora of healthcare conditions ranging from cancer to gallbladder stones to cardiovascular diseases.
They are also relatively safe as compared to CT scans or even X-Rays as they don't pose the risk of radiation.
However, hospitals and clinics aren't preferring ultrasound devices that much due to its higher costs and the potential inconvenience it poses.
This is where Clarius Mobile Health comes in. This startup has come up with a mobile point-and-shoot mobile ultrasound device that promises to change the entire game.