Real Estate
The post is about Stephen Udoff, he used Snapchat and rented out an $80,000/month property in Malibu...
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Pune's affordable homes now offer better liveability
Affordable housing just got easier on the pocket! Property prices have fallen, making investment in real estate a more viable option today. This may just be the right time to invest in Pune!..
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Importance of Lead Profiling in Real Estate
You have got leads. But how do you know which lead is actually a prospective customer that fits into your target demographic? The answer is lead profiling. Wish to know more? Read on...
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The New Age of SEO : Earn Links Instead Of Building Them
SEO is no more just about page optimization, keyword stuffing, duplicate content development, etc. Today, the best way to get your website into the top ranks or in the index is to use a combination of ..
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Real Estate Sales: Working Smarter, Not Harder
Sell.Do is a pro-active CRM & companion for the sales team that could map the entire sales process into the system. High volume lead nurturing and staying on top of everyone’s sales pipeline is critica..
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How to manage your leads using Sell.Do?
Real Estate Market is vast and there are many competitors. As a marketer, when you launch a digital campaign and start generating leads from it, it imperative that you manage them more effectively. Se..
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Marketing ABC’s for Real Estate
Most marketers are equipped and educated to come up with effective campaigns for brands. However, real estate is a tough sector especially with the pressure of month-on-month sales targets and the mark..
Read more on sale? Proptiger may be a potential buyer
Softbank backed is in advance stages of discussions with real estate brokerage firm PropTiger for a sale. Proptiger is expecting fund infusion of $100-120 million from existing investors Ne..
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Running a SaaS product in India’s Real Estate Industry
In the real-estate sector, technology is treated as a commodity. Although its value is understood, the owners expect it to improve their bottom line. Client acquisition for a SaaS product is quite easi..
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