Abhay Shirole
Is it Time to Cut Back? A Minimalist Approach to Social Media Marketing.
Excessive focus on social media detracts from more urgent revenue-generating activities...
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5 top email marketing tools
Here are the 5 leading email marketing tools every marketer must implement...
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5 brands nailing social media strateg
These brands are doing all the right things to grow their followers on social media...
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Poor marketing has hurt U-17 World Cup in India
The tournament has barely begun, but it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to already term it a colossal marketing failure..
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This technology may speed up home Internet
A new technology promises to speed up slow Internet at home, say researchers, adding that the new hardware can enable speed up to 10,000 megabits-per-second (Mbps) or 10 gigabits-per-second (Gbps)...
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Why Your Marketing Team Should Be Journalists
Your brand needs content that has a strong voice, is well-researched, and tells your story. Who can write content like that? Journalists...
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Germany’s social media hate speech law is now in effect
A new law has come into force in Germany aimed at regulating social media platforms to ensure they remove hate speech within set periods of receiving complaints — within 24 hours in straightforward cas..
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Many Indians spend 4 hrs/day on apps
India's top 20% (the most active Android users) was close behind the top 20% in South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, and Japan, whose users spent about 5 hours...
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IIT Kharagpur develops technology for safer driving in rain
The technology developed by researchers from the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communications removes from a real-time video the obscuring effects of rain and displays it on the windscreen o..
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