Abhay Shirole
Gail’s Rs 12,940 crore project hits regulatory hurdle
GAIL pipeline project was proposed to supply natural gas to the cities of Varanasi, Patna, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata and Cuttack. Recently, the ambitious project hit its first hurdle. Re..
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SBI sees 300% surge in digital payments
Demonetization of high-value currency in India has resulted in a 300% surge in digital payments. Read on to know more...
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Nasscom cuts IT export growth forecast to 8-10 pc for 2016-17
Software association Nasscom lowered its IT export growth target to 8-10 percent for 2016-17 amid global macroeconomic headwinds and the fallout of Britain's exit from the European Union. Read on to kn..
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14 major updates from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Instagram & Snapchat
Here are some of the top updates and news from major social media and content sharing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Snapchat etc...
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9 Advertising Challenges That Marketers Are Still Facing On LinkedIn
LinkedIn has been the undisputed king among all the professional social networks, for many years now. However, there are a few challenges that marketers still come across on this platform like strict a..
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