Abhay Shirole
5 best wearables of IFA 2017: the tech you may soon be wearing
If you're currently looking around for something new on your wrist, you're in luck. ..
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How the Santa Claus Affect Is Influencing Social Media
Here’s what you need to know about the infamous Santa Claus Affect...
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What social media reveals about your personality
Even though we are careful what we reveal about ourselves on social media, there's a lot about us that somehow slips through...
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Said to Use Next-Gen Substrate Like PCB Technology: Report
While we are still approaching the launch of Samsung's flagship Galaxy Note 8 smartphone, the leaks regarding next year's Galaxy S series model have already started coming in...
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How to measure video effectiveness
Implementing a video strategy is one thing but if marketers don’t know how to measure effectiveness properly they could be wasting big money...
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Google plans to double headcount for cloud business in India
Google plans to double its headcount in India for its cloud business this year as it gets ready to battle it out with Amazon and Microsoft’s dominance in the country, its top executive told ET. ..
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Technology plays increasing role in health care
Trends show that the health-care industry continues to move towards digital resources to connect patients & caregivers...
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What is Social Engagement? The Key to Social Media Success
When brands first began using social media to connect with fans, all they had to do was create a new post and their followers would be able to see their content. However, as social media continues to e..
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Avoid signing into new apps using your social media accounts
Social log-ins are convenient but users should be more careful about where they are using it..
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