Abhay Shirole
Prioritize Context to Personalize Your Marketing
Marketers know they need to personalize their messaging to reach and engage consumers. The problem is, they’re just not sure how to execute it successfully...
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Help Your Team Stop Over-committing by Empowering Them to Say No
Trying to please everyone is a waste of time. You must learn to stand up for yourself and do what suits you. Whether in life or in the corporate world, this is something that you must learn. ..
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Google Chrome Will Automatically Block Annoying Ads
Google is set to improve its browsing experience by removing annoying ads ..
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What Mary Meeker Has to Say About Snapchat's TV Dreams
Snapchat's mobile content is attracting millions of viewers from across the globe!..
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What Agencies and Brands Expect From Apple's Siri Homecoming
Siri - Apple's very own virtual assistant is being looked at with a lot of expectations from brands and marketers alike...
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Why You Should Double Down on Trust Marketing in the ‘Fake News’ Era
Brands face one of their greatest challenges to date..
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The Google Assistant is getting more conversational
Google's assistant, one of the most widely used assistant apps in the world, is now set to roll now a more conversational and responsive version...
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5 Things You Need to Know About the Future of Marketing
What does it take for brands and agencies to succeed in the Engagement Economy, where everyone and everything is connected and data transforms and disrupts marketing?..
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A Quick Guide to Moment Marketing
Enter the world of Moment Marketing - a quick, witty & efficient way of brand communication..
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