Abhay Shirole
#WeAreNotAfraid: Londoners send out message after terror attack
Messages of solidarity shared on social media after attack at Westminster leaves five dead ...
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Twitter brings IBM's AI machine Watson on board to fight abuse
Twitter has struggled to stem abuse and hate speech on its platform. To tackle the issue it is now bringing IBM's AI machine Watson...
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This New App Lets Job Seekers Secretly Chat With Employees
A new app has been designed that lets you secretly communicate with the employees of a company...
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How Snapchat Became The Leader In AR Without Really Trying
Having grown from non-existence to 150 million daily active users in just about half a decade, Snapchat is where Facebook was 10 years ago. Its popularity has been meteoric and it’s not just because it..
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Top 3 Ways to Measure Content Marketing Success
A quick guide to measuring the success of your content marketing strategy...
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Quick Guide to Lead Generation on LinkedIn
Here's a quick guide to how you can use LinkedIn for generating leads for your company..
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Why Digital Marketing Will Be Indispensable For Your Brand’s Future
Digital marketing isn't the future anymore, it is the present! For any brand, it is imperative that they to have a digital footprint in world where people spend hours on the internet instead of traditi..
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6 Facebook Ad Formats Every Advertiser Should Know
Facebook is the most effective platform for digital marketers (apart from google) to market their ads. Here are the 6 ad formats for Facebook that every digital marketer must know...
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The Future of Smart Billboards
The days of the old billboards are. Technology has paved the way for responsive as well as interactive billboards that will replace the old static ones. How will brands adapt to these new billboards? R..
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