Abhay Shirole
The Flaws of Marketing Models
Marketers have a set of guidelines that they follow to make sure their strategy works out. However, they must also make sure that they're marketing models should be dynamic as the needs and thinking of..
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How to Stand Out As a Marketing Job Applicant
Looking for a marketing job? There are hundreds of other looking for one just like. But there are many ways you can stand apart when it comes to building a resume and even in the personal interview...
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How Brands Can Benefit From the Social Media Multiplier Effect
Social media can be used to not promote the final product of a brand or a company, but can actually help in building the company from the inside. Many brands have started using it already...
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Facebook celebrates 13th birthday with these new features
Facebook recently celebrated its 13th birthday. Easily the biggest social media company of today, Facebook celebrated its birthday by rolling out new features for its users...
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WeChat users send 46 billion digital red packets over Lunar New Year: Xinhua
The Lunar New Year is an important part of Chinese Culture. On this special occasion, the Chinese people gift each other red packets filled with money. However, with the advent of technology, many peop..
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Facebook Developing Branded Filters for Selfies
The success of SnapChat filters has inspired Facebook to develop it's own brand centric filters to increase consumer engagement...
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Mercedes-Benz creates ‘customised’ agency model
In its new Super Bowl advert, Mercedes launched a new marketing strategy that focused on human centered innovation and customized agencies...
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BlackBerry to launch ‘Mercury’ smartphone on February 25
Blackberry is set to release its new smartphone 'Mercury' on the 25th of February 2017. This is the company's phone release after a really lengthy layoff...
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Twitter launches special emoji for Republic Day
Twitter launched a new emoji to celebrate the feeling of patriotism on this Republic day...
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