Abhay Shirole
New Mind-Reading Tools Accurately Predict Consumer Behavior
By studying consumer behavior and several predictive tools, researchers now have mind-reading tools...
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Brands Celebrate Year of the Rooster With Emojis, Mobile Games, Art
Many brands are celebrated 2017 - The Rooster year according to Chinese Mythology with special rooster emojis and art. ..
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Why your Inbound Marketing isn’t working (And how to fix it)
Inbound is not just about flooding your marketing platform with content. As the attention span of the reader is decreasing, it is important to come with content that attracts and inspires in equal meas..
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How important is SEO in Content Marketing?
Marketers optimise their content to make sure the readers find their content and improve it discoverability. SEO, short for Search engine optimisation can be done in various ways to make sure you’re th..
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How to manage your leads using Sell.Do?
Real Estate Market is vast and there are many competitors. As a marketer, when you launch a digital campaign and start generating leads from it, it imperative that you manage them more effectively. Se..
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Marketing ABC’s for Real Estate
Most marketers are equipped and educated to come up with effective campaigns for brands. However, real estate is a tough sector especially with the pressure of month-on-month sales targets and the mark..
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5 tips for making successful Google Display Ads
Google Display Ads is one of the most successful platforms for marketers to reach out to their target audience. As the 'Google Universe' is probably one of the biggest marketing platforms for brands, i..
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5 ways to make your content more shareable
If you haven’t guessed by now, the concept of creating “shareable content” goes way beyond the actual writing and publishing. In fact, it almost has nothing to do with it at all. The experience you ha..
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10 Common Google AdWords mistakes you're probably making and how to fix them! – Part 1
Google AdWords have proved to be a great source for generating traffic that is highly targeted to your website, both to generate leads as well as drive sales. You have the provision of targetin..
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