Anu Murthy
Copywriter at Amura Marketing Technologies
Evolution of real estate marketing – from intuition to #datadriven
Check out or detailed infographic on Evolution of real estate marketing – from intuition to #datadriven..
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Is Marketing Ready for Independent Influencers?
Everyone has been influenced by a product hitting the market. But what happens when independent influencers become the bridge between the product and the market? Are influencers the next big thing in ..
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Why brands need to approach loyalty like Amazon
Brands should use data-driven insights to be successful like Amazon. Customer-shop keeper relationships are also important for the success of your brand...
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Is Twitter going to switch to a subscription model? Know more here!
Plans are underway that Twitter is coming up with a new 'Tweetdeck' model that will have users 'subscribing to news on the platform. Read to know more!..
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10 Steps to Make Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Rock
Indian Premier League or IPL as it's fondly known, has seen a staggering jump of 19% in just over a year! What makes IPL the favourite of Indian household? Find out!..
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Creating user journeys can assist in filling the content gap
Here are effective ways to invest in user journeys and increase your reach, buyer stories...
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How Lamar Advertising Used Tech to Improve Customer Experience at a Legacy Agency
Lamar Advertising shows us how to tap into the mobile technology of lation mapping to better connect with customers...
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139 Insta-facts Every Marketer Must Know in 2017
Check out how Instagram has revolutionized mobile marketing. Here are 139 facts and stats about Instagram in a charming infographic!..
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Real Estate Sales: Working Smarter, Not Harder
Sell.Do is a pro-active CRM & companion for the sales team that could map the entire sales process into the system. High volume lead nurturing and staying on top of everyone’s sales pipeline is critica..
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