Dhanashree Jere
Jr. Copywriter at Amura Marketing Technologies
Digital marketing is making it easier for brands to establish them in the online space and marketers are preferring it over the traditional means. Here what has made digital marketing so popular - ..
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5 ways Marketing Automation will help you run more effective campaigns
Since times unknown, every innovation has been about taking mankind a step closer to an easier life. In modern times, we have become fans of gadgets that function automatically – eliminating the role o..
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Hearst’s Digital Head Says Mobile Platforms Should Share More Revenue With Publishers
According to Hearst Magazines digital media president Troy Young mobile platforms should share more revenue with publishers. ..
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WhatsApp Is Beta-Testing a Feature That May Get Some Users Out of Sticky Situations
We all have wished if we could unsend some texts. WhatsApp is taking efforts to make your wish come true. Read to know more. ..
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Twitter forces people to follow @POTUS, @FLOTUS & @VP accounts
Twitter is forcing its users to follow @POTUS, @FLOTUS & @VP accounts. Find out more about these accounts...
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Trump’s tweets dampen social sentiment toward brands, even when they’re nice
Getting a mention by the president of United States must benefit a brand like never before but looks like it is working otherwise with the new president Donald Trump ..
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Importance of Lead Profiling in Real Estate
You have got leads. But how do you know which lead is actually a prospective customer that fits into your target demographic? The answer is lead profiling. Wish to know more? Read on...
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The New Age of SEO : Earn Links Instead Of Building Them
SEO is no more just about page optimization, keyword stuffing, duplicate content development, etc. Today, the best way to get your website into the top ranks or in the index is to use a combination of ..
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Instagram's New Features Bring More Control to Users
Instagram has rolled up an update for its app with a set of new features. These long requested changes bring more control to the users than ever before. Read to know more...
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