Dhanashree Jere
Jr. Copywriter at Amura Marketing Technologies
30 Small Scale Manufacturing Business ideas For 2017
If you're interested in a small scale manufacturing business, then look no further. The business is booming and is one of the biggest contributors to the Indian economy. Read more to know some amazing ..
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10 Digital trends every Digital Marketer should know
2016 has been a year of many innovations for social-media and digital marketers. Read on to know more about the biggest trends this year in digital marketing, and the impact it has had on the way marke..
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How Closed Captioning Facebook Videos Can Improve Viewership
Are you aware that 85% of the videos shared on Facebook are consumed without sound? With that in mind, you can still improve the reach and engagement time of your videos by using 'Closed Captions'. Tak..
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Who needs turkey? Online shoppers spend $1.9 billion on Thanksgiving.
This year online shoppers in the USA spent nearly 1 billion during Thanksgiving. So, what was the driving force behind so much spending during the holiday? Read on to find out more...
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Snapchat's Image Recognition-Triggered Ads are a Step Closer, Functionality Now Live
Find out how Snap Chat is handling heat from the social media behemoth, Facebook. Following the social network’s foray into disappearing messages and images, Snap Chat has been able to compete by relea..
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Former Apple CEO on the long awaited disruption of healthcare tech
John Sculley, who served as CEO of Apple from 1983 to 1993 and before that as president of PepsiCo, is now trying to upend the healthcare industry with RxAdvance, a cloud-based pharmacy benefits platfo..
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Download These 5 Great Apps To Digitize Old Photos And Create 360-Degree Videos
Photography has taken on a whole new meaning in the last decade with so many platforms and applications for sharing & processing images. Read on to know more about 5 great apps that you can use to digi..
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Facebook opens analytics and FbStart to developers of the 34,000 bots on Messenger
Facebook has been putting a significant amount of effort into growing messenger as a bot platform. Now Facebook says it will let developers track bots on its free analytics platform, alongside its ads ..
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Biometric Data – Will Future Marketers be able to Target Your Emotions?
Now that predictive marketing is tapping into your behaviour online, can it go a step farther? Some of the biggest tech giants think so – their aim, to target an audience based on their emotions. Read ..
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