Somi Khemani
Copy Writer at Amura Marketing Technologies
eBay Launches “The Art Of Shopping” And Explores The Subconscious Experience
Ebay reminds its customers the fun of shopping based on personal interest using technology. Read here to find out how!..
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Mars Candy Brands Reveal Their ‘Bite Size Horror’ Films And Take Halloween Advertising To The Next Level
To celebrate the month of Halloween, Mars debuts an ad campaign called, ‘Bite Size Horror’. Read more to find out!..
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The Hamburger Issue Between Google And Apple Took Over Twitter
The debate over Apple and Google hamburger emoji has taken over internet. Read here to find out!..
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YouTube Takes On TV And Features Live Footage During World Series
YouTube TV exclusively ran promotions during the MLB World Series, including a two-minute ad spot that featured live footage, played before the first pitch of the game..
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Instagram Now Lets You Go Live With A Friend
Hangout with just your friends on go live Instagram. Read more here!..
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Facebook Launches A New Food Ordering System In The US
Facebook users can now order food using their Facebook accounts. Here’s how!..
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The Irish Band ‘Slayed’ Social Media Using Facebook Live As A Loop Sampler
Sometimes a delay may cost you something you never expect. Find out here!..
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Amazon To Introduce New Way For Teenagers To Shop Independently
Amazon helps teens to have a balanced independent life. Here’s how!..
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Audi Is Using Data-Driven Digital Billboards To Display Current Road Conditions
Audi launched a digital campaign in London on using APIs and public data to present contextually relevant digital billboards on roadside displays..
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