Somi Khemani
Copy Writer at Amura Marketing Technologies
Volvo’s “Human Made Stories” Is One Of The Greatest Film Series Made About Innovation
Volvo has released two new short films sponsored by Sky Atlantic, the project celebrates human innovation. Check out here!..
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Back To Life In Virtual Reality: Rhomaleosaurus & Giraffatitan
Google Creative Lab were asked to create a way for people to discover Natural History on Google’s Arts & Culture platform. Check out here how!..
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The magic wallpaper
Castorama is a French retailer of DIY and home improvement tools and supplies that revolutionized the concept of a normal wallpaper with the magic of technology. Find out here!..
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5. Why Marketers Are Concerned That 280-Character Tweets Will ‘Dilute’ Twitter’s Marketing Potential
On Tuesday, Social Media giant Twitter doubled the site’s signature pithy 140-character tweets to 280 characters. Read what marketers think about the transformation..
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Nas Brings Street Cred to Effortlessly Cool Animated Ads for Timberland
Nas boots up tales of his early years in a series of animated shorts for Timberland..
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What the Hell Is Joon? An Impeccably Designed New Airline Says It’s Not All About Flying
Take a look at the fashion brand which is also an airline and more!..
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This Ad About a Boy and His Pet Bee Is Absurd, So Why Does It Work So Well?
Italian telco, Wind, explains the meaning of communication without any language through an absurd yet beautiful message..
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On trend: Fashion's big winners in 2017
The fashion forward brands of 2017 that were celebrated and won big at the cannes lions festival!..
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Extra Gum, a gum brand that turned the conventional perception of having just a chewing gum and shared a strong and emotional message that became viral immediately...
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