Somi Khemani
Copy Writer at Amura Marketing Technologies
How Crayola Crayons Gave Its Century-Old Product Renewed Relevance in the Age of iPads
Find out how in the world of technology, children crayon brand Crayola found its way to children’s heart! ..
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1. The Ad Council Turned Real-World Diversity Advocates Into Superheroes for a Geolocation Game
‘The League of Extraordinary Humans’! Find out what PAX West in Seattle are upto…. ..
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Ikea Just Made a 25-Minute ASMR Video, and It’s One of the Most Satisfying Ads Ever
ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response is a new and innovative way to advertise brands. Read on to find out more....
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Canon Made an Elaborate Rube Goldberg Machine Just to Set Up Some Crazy Photos
Some perfect moments are meant to be captured through unexpected ways. Find out more about Cannon’s new campaign ‘Perfect Moments’ here…..
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KitchenAid Celebrates the Passion of the Everyday Cook in Lurpak-Like Ads
KitchenAid appliances brings the joy of cooking to a divine experience in its latests campaign. To know more read here…...
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Why Stacking Cheerios on Babies Was the Perfect Meme for the Brand to Jump On The #CheerioChallenge had viral power, and an ideal message
Ever wondered how some lazy time at home can turn you into a celebrity? If not then think again! You are one meme away to mark an upheaval in the internet world. Read here… ..
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2. 10 Cool Ideas for How Brands Might Use Apple’s Augmented-Reality Platform From virtual test drives to interior design
From just an imagination that is actually turning into reality, technology has come a long way. Visualize everything anywhere with the help of your i-phone and Augmented reality! Find out here…..
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‘Paranormal Activity’ director Oren Peli launches a new social app
Find out here to know what is Oren Peli, director of Paranormal Activity is up to in the technology world…..
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