Tabassum Ansari
Manager - Social Media at Amura Marketing Technologies
How AI is changing the face of digital marketing
Al is often misunderstood and unreported despite widespread media coverage. ..
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Integrated digital marketing: significant facts and decisive framework
95 percent Marketers agree with the importance of multi-channel strategy to target audience. ..
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How this homegrown digital marketing firm went from 38 employees to 300 in five years
Today, Townsquare accounts 12,000 businesses as clients...
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Top 6 Platforms to Get People Sharing Your Content on Social Media
Your brand's social media presence has potential to drive engagement and relevant audience members...
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Interview with Judd Marcello, EVP, Global Marketing, Cheetah Digital
Technology is important, but customer engagement starts and ends with marketing data...
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The Rise of Video in Digital Marketing
Video marketing is taking charge of digital marketing. ..
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Five Killer Social Media Marketing Tools You Need to Use Right Now
As social media platforms emerging with new features, it has become necessary for to find a tool which helps to promote message on different platforms...
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Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing
Digital marketing provides real-time results number of visitors, conversion rate, busiest period of the day and bounce rate...
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MarTech conference highlights digital marketers’ central dilemma
Marketers have got immediate and affordable access to cloud-based tools' data and intelligence, which allow messages to be sent to mass audience in minimal time..
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