A Quick guide to Guerrilla Marketing
Published on April 12, 2017 in Marketing

Delivering what you don’t expect!

The word ‘Guerrilla’ in Guerrilla Marketing makes us think about Guerrilla Warfare, doesn’t it? Well, in many ways, both the styles are same.

Just like its warfare counterpart, Guerrilla Marketing relies heavily upon the element of surprise and the use of unconventional & creative ways of marketing.



The need for Guerrilla Marketing

Today’s consumers are slightly desensitised to traditional marketing. Hence, many of them choose to ignore it completely. This is where Guerrilla Marketing comes in and brings the attention back to the communication.

Types of Guerrilla Marketing

Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing

This is done with the use of removable artwork on pre-existing urban infrastructure like light poles, bridges and even outside transit facilities.

(Source: www.digett.com)


(Source: www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com)

Indoor Guerrilla Marketing

To put it simply, Indoor Marketing is conducted in indoor locations like shops, buildings or indoor public places like theatres, stadiums etc.

It can also be carried out with the help of indoor products.


Event Guerrilla Marketing

Event Guerrilla Marketing is carried out for the audience of an on-going event  


Advantages of Guerrilla Marketing

Cost Effective

It is an amazing option when you’re low on budget. It is all about timing and picking the right location! If your communication is interactive, it will create a strong awareness about your brand/service

A good way to get organic leads

An effective guerrilla marketing can go viral immediately! Also, since we live in the world of smartphones, social media & high-speed internet, people can share pictures, videos and moments from your communication.

This brings in organic traction which works incredibly well for your brand.

It is memorable

Guerrilla Marketing has a shock value to it. It makes you think and convinces you to focus upon it because of its creativity. This makes it very memorable and effective.