Want ideas to write fresh content? You need to do this!
SEO Executive
Published on April 12, 2017 in Marketing

Wondering what content will work best for your business and increase your online presence ? Just note down the answers for following questions and you will get an idea about what type of content you need to promote on your website. 

-  What is your target audience (age group, location, gender, education level)
-  On which websites target audience is most active
-  What type of content those website have
-  Topics on which you can write the content that can appeal to your audience
-  What is your goal for creating content (getting traffic to website, attracting new customers, product promotion)
-  Level of your content (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
-  What content you already have that you can republish or re-new
-  What content you have that was gaining numerous hits a few months back, but is outdated now

Now once you are ready with the answers, you can start exploring the following avenues which can prove to be of tremendous help. 

  • Discussion Forums
    Q&A forums like Reddit and Quora are extremely popular platforms where you have massive scope  to find common user's queries, interact, analyze, and learn.

You can get there some quick and interesting ideas to write on. Just go through the discussions and analyze the concerns users are talking  about.

  • Social Media Trends

 Want to write something on trending topics? Social media  is where  you should be.

 Just go through the recent trends on Facebook and  Twitter and  you'll find plenty of topics and ideas to give your take on.

 Make sure you use appropriate and relevant hashtags to attract  maximum impressions.


  • Google search suggestions 

This works best if you broadly know the subject on which you want to write about but can't zero in on the specific topic. How do you work your way around this? Simple. Just google the subject you want to write about, scroll all the way down, and you'll find a section “searches related to xxxx” above the page list area. This section will automatically give you several options to choose from.

OR just go to search settings in google after searching for the query and select 'Never show instant results' in Google Instant predictions. Now again come to google's homepage and start typing the query in search box. Google auto-complete will suggest some most popular queries users want to read about and ultimately the ideas you can target in content.

You can also observe a small box in-between the search results which mentions 'People also ask', generally for some high search volume queries. This is also an opportunity to focus on while generating content.

  • Competitor Research

    If you're a professional, unable to craft new ideas, a strategic approach would be to ask – Is my rival missing out on something important that I can take advantage of? If you find anything substantial, take that finding and run with it.

    Go through their blogs and never forget to check the comment section below. There you can find some really useful queries of users to target on. Check the comments below which shows what your target customers would like to read about :

  • Personal Experience 
    If you can't come up with ideas from outside sources, it always helps to look within. See if there is a recent or an old experience of yours that is worthy of sharing. For e.g. – A successfully executed campaign, an innovative thing you did that changed the outcome of a particular process etc. A case study on that particular process will definitely help in creating a name for yourself. 

You can also create an online survey/polls/contests for your customers, collect the stats and publish an overall observation that you found out.
Demonstrations/tutorials/tips by experts in your organization will also work to get an attention of the users.

  • Upcoming Events or Predictions
    There has been much written about the past, there is nothing significant happening in the present, what do you do then? Focus on the upcoming events. For e.g – if you're a financial writer, you can possibly write on what is expected from the budget, or the likely implications of the RBI reducing Repo Rate, etc. 

Or you can do some research and make some predictions about changing trends in your industry.

So, give it a try and keep writing !