Top 3 Ways to Measure Content Marketing Success
Published on March 17, 2017 in Marketing

Hello marketers! We all know the importance of content marketing in your media mix today. But most marketers are stumped when it comes to proving the impact of their content marketing efforts to clients.

To help you in your cause, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 3 Metrics for marketers should consider first. Here goes:

1. Evaluating the amount of activity on your website

A website is generally the main platform for content marketing activity. A good analytics tool, for e.g. Google Analytics will provide you with many measurements. Out of all, make sure you track the following measures:

> Total Number of Page Views
>  Number of 1st time page visitors from a particular content marketing source
>  Average Time spent on the website (before vs. after you started your content marketing activities)
>  Bounce Rates
>  Returning visitors
>  No. of Inbound links

2. Evaluating the success of your social media activity

Social media is an indispensable part of any content marketing strategy, and one of the biggest sources of big data. There are several social media metrics that you must look at to ascertain the effectiveness of your social media campaign. Most of them are pretty straightforward such as:

> Reach (no. of views, time spent)
> Engagement (shares, likes, retweets)
> Participation (followers, subscribers, sign-ups)
> Recommendations (feedback, comments, mentions)

3. Measuring SEO performance

As a marketer, you must already have an SEO strategy in place for higher SERP rankings. However, it is important to look at metrics that show you the bigger picture. Take a look at the following performance indicators:

> Search Engine Results Page rankings, as we mentioned earlier – this refers to your brand/product’s positioning on a search engine’s results page for particular keywords
>  New traffic on site from search engines - no. of visits, no. of pages viewed per visit and average visit duration
>  Determining ROI (based on the number of conversions and customer’s lifetime value)

Track the above KPIs for each of the essential metrics and you’ll have a clear visibility on the overall performance of your content marketing campaign.

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