How to Build and Enhance Trust with Content Marketing
Published on March 18, 2017 in Marketing

Creating trust for your brand in the mind of the consumer is one of the biggest goals marketers have today. With the rising scepticism that the online audience is displaying towards content marketing, your business could really so with a good content marketing strategy.

So what do you need for a great content marketing strategy? All you need to do is follow a simple recipe of mixing engaging material and trending topics, with an objective of leveraging the following to gain engagement:

  • Entertainment

  • Conversation

  • Connection

  • Promotion

  • Inspiration

  • Knowledge

When it comes to creating trust in your brand, your objective defines your approach:

  • Be an authority
    Leverage content that offers the latest news, insights, trends and advice in your domain. People are looking for content that benefits them in some way – if they can look to you as a credible source of knowledge and the latest information, they are more likely to trust you.
  • Be Helpful
    Don’t just post content you would like to talk about. Share content that is genuinely helpful to your audience. Put yourself in their shoes, and envision the kind of content that would enrich their consumer experience – whether it will entertain them, inform them, or tie in to their beliefs in some way.
  • Be Intimate
    After all, a brand is an identity, not just a product. By creating content that embodies its own personality, people will feel more comfortable with engaging with your content strategy.
  • Join Conversations
    There will always be people talking about your brand and your product online – don't just observe these conversations as a bystander, join them with answers, advice or simply a friendly shout out. These interactions will establish you as a friendly, open brand in their mind, making them more likely to trust you.
  • Crowdsource Content Posted By Your Customers
    A sure way to win the trust of an individual is to first win the trust of his peers. Find the pictures or comments your customers are posting about your brand/product online, and share them with your audience. Your customers will be happy for the acknowledgement and their authenticity will build trust with your audience.

It’s a powerful tool to use, especially since your audience will trust a brand that is trusted by others in their community.For a tailored content marketing strategy that will help you build trust for your brand, get in touch with us at Amura Marketing Technologies.