Abhay Shirole
How To Add Gamification To Your Marketing Strategy
Although gamification has been around for a few years, it is still positioned as a marketing trend going forward and, if anything, is gaining more attention as an ideal way to create engagement with a ..
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Warner Brothers Topped the List of TV’s Biggest Spenders on New Ads Last Week
Advertisers spent $14 million during the NBA Finals..
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See the 24 Best Commercials of the Past 15 Years, as Judged at Cannes Lions
Here are the best commercials of the past 15 years...
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Norwest bets on two health-tech startups
Norwest Venture Partners has invested $1.5 million (Rs 9.65 crore), each, in two health-tech startups..
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Flipkart and Ola-backer DST Global sees $4 tn of new Internet firms by 2025
A surge in online consumer spending globally in coming years will create $4 trillion worth of new internet companies by the middle of the next decade..
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3 Ways New Marketing Grads Can Set Themselves Up for Success
Stretch hard to know the customer—and the technology..
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Prioritize Context to Personalize Your Marketing
Marketers know they need to personalize their messaging to reach and engage consumers. The problem is, they’re just not sure how to execute it successfully...
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Help Your Team Stop Over-committing by Empowering Them to Say No
Trying to please everyone is a waste of time. You must learn to stand up for yourself and do what suits you. Whether in life or in the corporate world, this is something that you must learn. ..
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Google Chrome Will Automatically Block Annoying Ads
Google is set to improve its browsing experience by removing annoying ads ..
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