Rishi Murgunde
Senior Copy Writer at Amura Marketing Technologies
An avid reader, writer & a poet.
These ‘Bite Size’ Horror Films, From Mars Candy Brands, Are the Best Halloween Ads in Years
Did you ever think creepy Halloween ads would turn out to be an effective marketing tool? Well, they have recently turned out to be. Read on to find out more. ..
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84 Lumber’s Provocative Super Bowl Ad Caused Its Website to Crash
84 Lumber’s recent advertisement about President Trump’s immigration policies garnered attention on Twitter and obviously drove traffic to its dedicated microsite, which crashed almost immediately. Re..
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Was the Recent Dove Controversy a Product of Overly Short Ads and Even Shorter Attention Spans?
Dove's recent ad has not gone down well with the audience. Is the ad really racist? Read on to find out. ..
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4 Topics That Once Again Occupied Agency Leaders at Advertising Week
Attendees at the Advertising Week this year couldn't stop discussing 4 topics that will rule the advertising rule in the future. Which are these topics? Read on to find out. ..
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What Marketers Need to Know About Location-Based Advertising and Where It’s Headed
Location-based marketing is in vogue. How well is it performing? Read on to know more about this new form of marketing and its performance. ..
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Brands Are Doing More Experiential Marketing. Here’s How They’re Measuring Whether It’s Working
Experimental marketing is in vogue nowadays. Is it reaping great benefits? Read on to find out more. ..
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Despite Brand Safety Concerns, 78% of Marketers Buy Ads on at Least 50 Sites
Brand safety concerns don't seem to be bothering brands anymore. Around 78% of marketers are found to be buying ads on at least 50 sites. Read on to know more. ..
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Digital Advertising Is Facing Its Ultimate Moment of Truth, and Billions of Dollars Are at Stake
Issues such as fraud, brand safety and transparency are proving to be a threat for digital advertising. Read on to know more. ..
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Infographic: How and Where Women Prefer Their Branded Content
Guessing where and when you women prefer branded content can be an arduous task, but not anymore. Read on to find out the secret...
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