Rishi Murgunde
Senior Copy Writer at Amura Marketing Technologies
An avid reader, writer & a poet.
Pepsi’s Clever Multiscreen Ramadan Ad Unfolds Across 3 Phones at Once
Pepsi has always come up with engaging Ramadan ads. This year too Pepsi’s ad stunned everyone with its brilliant concept. Go to the article to know more and watch this awesome ad. ..
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Whirlpool Wins a Grand Prix at Cannes for Using Data (and Washing Machines) to Keep Kids in School
Whirlpool adopted an innovative strategy to market its washing machines and contribute to a social cause as well. This move garnered a lot of appreciation and an award at Cannes too. Read on to know mo..
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10 Awesome Education-Related Advertising & Marketing Campaigns of 2012
Here are the top 10 advertising & marketing campaigns by renowned educational brands. Read on to find out what makes these ads better than the rest. ..
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Apple Launches Its Voice-Controlled Smart Speaker, HomePod
Wish to have a speaker that gives music suggestions and adjust home temperatures? Well, it’s not a wishful thinking anymore, thanks to Apple. Read on to find out more. ..
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What Marketers Can Learn About Chatbots From Pros That Have Seen Early Success
Thousands of bots have been built by brands. Though they are seen as just an extension of the social media, there is still a lot to figure out in terms of performance and measurement. Read on to find o..
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Spotted A Rocket Ship Icon On Your Facebook App? Turns Out It’s A New ‘News Feed’
Of late, some people have noticed a mysterious rocket ship icon on their Facebook mobile app. Do you wish to know what is it? ..
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Infographic: 50% of Gen Z ‘Can’t Live Without YouTube’ and Other Stats That Will Make You Feel Old
Guess what, kids and teens born between 1996 and 2010 form a large part of your consumer segment. And it’s time you understand their outlook. Read this article to find out more. ..
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Infographic: How ‘Fake News’ and Bogus Content Are Changing the Way Consumers Look at Brands
According to a study, marketers need to focus more on building trust with the customers. Read on to find our more on this. ..
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Love Connection: How Brands Are Using AI to Find Influencer Matches
A handful of tech-centric agencies and platforms are using artificial intelligence-informed approaches to pluck potential influencer mates. Read on to find out more..
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