Rishi Murgunde
Senior Copy Writer at Amura Marketing Technologies
An avid reader, writer & a poet.
Infographic: How ‘Fake News’ and Bogus Content Are Changing the Way Consumers Look at Brands
According to a study, marketers need to focus more on building trust with the customers. Read on to find our more on this. ..
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How TBWA Used Cash as an Advertising Medium to Draw Attention to the Homeless
To promote an app called Entourage, TBWA used cash as an advertising medium to draw attention to the homeless. ..
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Facebook Messenger Now Supports Group Payments
After launching the existing person-to-person payment solution in Messenger two years ago, Messenger has now launched group payments. ..
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Twitter Is Expanding Its Video Measurement Partnerships to Help Marketers Gauge Ad Performance
With Twitter expanding its video measurement partnerships, you can now verify audience segments and video viewability in a better way. ..
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LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Streamline the Lead-Generation Process
With LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, LinkedIn has streamlined the process of collecting quality leads from the professional network. ..
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How Pepsi Got It So Wrong: Unpacking One of the Most Reviled Ads in Recent Memory
Pepsi released its new two-and-a-half minute spot—featuring Kendall Jenner, but the outcome wasn’t something Pepsi was prepared for. The brand received a lot of criticism for being insensitive. Here’s ..
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Here’s One Way to Improve Digital Advertising: Charge Less to Run Good Ads
To make a mark in the highly competitive market, improving digital advertising is crucial. And for doing that, you might need to charge less to run good ads. ..
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5 Reasons Brands Could Be the Next Victims of Fake News
The spectre of fake news is threatening even the biggest of businesses. This has even forced Google to take steps against it. ..
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Google Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Sure YouTube Content Is Safe for Brands
Google is working with third-party companies to make sure YouTube content is safe for brands. ..
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