Tabassum Ansari
Manager - Social Media at Amura Marketing Technologies
Using Social Media to Build Your Brand
Visual content is more likely to be shared than any other type of content. ..
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3 Marketing Channels You Need To Master In 2018
Affiliate marketing opens possibilities for generating passive and residual income. ..
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Digital Marketing Is The Future Of Customer Support
An easy customer service experience promotes a happier and loyal customer. ..
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Here Are 6 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats From Last Week
Includes a very scary movie YouTube trailer...
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How the Rise of Live Streaming Impacts Digital Marketing
Brands are live streaming the events and initiatives rather than sharing updates. ..
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Social media publicity has changed the face of women's cricket: Mithali Raj
Social Media and live coverage of the ICC World Cup played a big role to create awareness in the country for women cricket. ..
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7 Social Media Campaign Ideas to Steal from Top Businesses
Small business fails at social marketing because they fail to adopt the latest trends on relevant social media channels. ..
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How AI is changing the face of digital marketing
Al is often misunderstood and unreported despite widespread media coverage. ..
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Integrated digital marketing: significant facts and decisive framework
95 percent Marketers agree with the importance of multi-channel strategy to target audience. ..
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