Tabassum Ansari
Manager - Social Media at Amura Marketing Technologies
Adobe Wants to Bring Digital Marketing to Your Car
With new analytics service in the picture, companies can capture behavior signals in the vehicle, such as song selections or voice interactions with the infotainment systems...
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How digital media is adding to rising film marketing costs
Experts say that digital innovation's contribution to the overall marketing budget of a film has gone up from 5-8% to 15-18% over the past two-and-a-half years...
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7 Big Brand Social Media Strategies that Small Businesses Can Use
Brands need to give a personal touch to their image on social media. The more the personal touch and vulnerability to the content, the more authentic the image would be. ..
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LinkedIn Debuts Its Own Audience Network, Making it Look Ever More Like Facebook
The new product allows marketers to reach LinkedIn members on apps and websites that aren't operated by the business-networking site. ..
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